Sunday, July 15, 2007

in the park

its my real story happend in public gardens in hyderabad. i met on guy on chat room ,we had dicided to meet at public garden to have homosex. I went there at 7 pm. i am waiting for that guy at the place we decided. i was 25 years at that time with well built body, 5.8",65kg,32 waist,with 51/2 inch uncut cock. i am dark with sexy looks. one guy came there and looking around and wore the blue color shirt as what he mention on net. i went to him addres him as ashok. he was about 5'6",70kg,little fat,and weatish.looks ok. we shook our hands and went inside the park. I aksed him about the place we could enjoy in the park. i bserved there some lone guys staring us,i can easly guess lot of gay are there. we sat on bench in the park whcih under the tree there is no lights around there. people near by only can observe us. but no one near by us luckly. we didnt talk any thing. he hold his hand on my thigh and pressing smoohly.
i hold his waist and inserted my hand under his shirt and squuzed his niples. he opend my jeeans zip and my hard cock came out.he was giving slow strokes on my cock. he bend litle bit on me and took my cock into his mouth.i feel heaven .he suckes so nicly. i was moaning with joy. suddenly one guy around his 30 came nearby.i suddenly pushed ashoke aside.and coverd my manhood with my shirt and hand. he was stand near by and absorving us intrestingly.i flet ashamed and got shock. ahsoke told me that this type of guys comes and distrubes commonly. then stranger came to us sat beside us on the bench. my friend took me to other place, that is near the pond,which was dry at that time. near by there was old building coved with bushes and trees . i felt of snakes first after reaching one room in that i felt happy there no one will come there,as no one observe us went there. we both hugged each other.i unbuttend my shirt he licked my niples noval and moved down to my errected dick and grab it deep into his mouth and sucked it so nicly. offcourse that was not my first experience but i nejoyed the way sucks,he is good sucker. after 10 mintues i removed his phant and made wet his anus whole. i worw my cock with condom and inserted into his back howl it was very tite. slow inserted mine until it reach its end and slowly took it out gave strong stroke. he was in position bent and hold his legs. i fucked him so strongly and spread out the sperm. and we relaxed there for some time and wore the clothes and came out. that was one of my good experience and we decided to meet some other day. he then catch his bus and went away from there. i was waiting for my bus at the bus stop and then observe on person observing me from very near,he was none other than the person who distrubed us before. he came to me and told me that he show me banging ashokes back in the old building and welcomed me to his room..........